素 As it is/As you are

素(Su / Moto)As it is / As you are

This letter has a meaning of “As it is” or “As you are.” Originally, the underside of this letter is an undyed twisted silk thread, and the upper side is pieces of dried meat like beef jerky.
Both silk thread and beef jerky are valuable as they are.

Even silk thread is not processed to dyed clothes, even meat is not cooked to be a stake, they are valuable. Therefore, the whole of this letter means valuable as it is, and it is the same to you.

This card tells you, you are valuable as you are. Even if you can’t feel so, you can be loved as yourself.
Now we are having this card, it might mean that you can’t feel you are valuable as you are.
But you are valuable, and you are the first one who loves yourself as you are.


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