About Me

Name : Miko
Job : Diviner

Though Having a grandmother called “Clairvoyance” and an inspired mother, I had a childhood that had nothing to do with mystery.

At the age of 16, I suddenly saw something invisible and realized what I can’t know in reality, and I have been experiencing many mysterious events.

I lost my mother at the age of 24 and replaced my younger sister’s mother, who was 11 at the time.
After that, I got married and became a mother of two children, but at the age of 31, I became a single mother with my four and one year olds.

I was trying to live a life unrelated to spirituality by suppressing the ease of connection and sensing with invisible things, but one day I suddenly became ill with cerebrospinal fluid hypoplasia, and my life changed completely.

Even though I lost my everyday life, what I could still do was to make use of the ease of connecting with the invisible.
That’s why, I accepted that “this is my role” and started helping people to live happier everyday.

I will logically and supernaturally tell you “what does your situation looks like objectively,” “what will happen if you keep going,” and “how you can change the situation” by being connected to the guardian spirits and the universe (Hometown of the souls).