Mysterious Story

The first time God spoke to me.

Hi guys. It’s Miko.

Today I would like to write the story about the first time God spoke to me.
The words that I heard from God were

“Stop worrying about everyone else and take care of your own work and yourself!!”

I wrote “God spoke to me” but He was not actually speaking. He was very angry and yelling at me.

I can’t express His anger, but His voice was so loud, and He talked rapidly in a threatening tone.
First of all, I had never dreamed that God would speak to me, let alone that I wouldn’t be able to make sense of what He said.

I wondered what He had meant by “my work,” but I wasn’t able to find the answer. Though I couldn’t find the answer, it was in the morning, so I did the things I thought I ought to do, like doing the washing or preparing breakfast.

Do you have any idea about what He meant by “my own work?” After His words, I myself had no idea about “my own work,” but I did the things I thought that I ought to do. While doing them, I was trying to persuade myself that I had, in fact, been doing the right things.

However, I was about to awaken to the reality that I had not been doing my own work as He had commanded. But I had no idea about what the correct understanding of my own work could be.

Now, it has been more than five years since the first time God spoke to me. I’ve had a lot of experience during this five years, and I have come to a conclusion.

The conclusion is that “my own work” and “things I ought to do” are not equal.

For example, Japanese students have a lot of homework during the summer vacation, like doing their math workbooks, book reports, independent research projects, and so on. They ought to do them all.

“Your own work” is like independent research in that you have to think and choose the subject by yourself. “Things you ought to do” is like the math workbook: it is like preparing meals or washing.

Even if you do independent research, you aren’t excused from completing your math workbook, and vice versa. You have to do both.
What He meant by “your own work” was “You need to focus on your own life.” In other words, “How do you want to live?” ” You have to live in the limited time which your body and soul are together, by being sure about what makes you feel true happiness.”

When I heard His voice, I was overextending myself for my family, which consisted of my baby, me ex-husband with a developmental disorder, my teenage sister, and my father. I never thought about my own life, so maybe He was angry with my situation. What I did was exactly worrying about everyone else.

Even though you may have reason like ” I can’t afford to think about it.” or “It will not come true, even if I think about it,” you should still persevere. I can relate because my situation was the same of yours.

But why don’t you think about how you want to live your own life and what makes you feel true happiness?
It will become the first step of doing your own work.

By the way, Gods never announced Themselves as such, but I only heard the same voice at shrines and in front of the altar of my house, so I was able to identify Them.

I wish your everyday life gets brighter than ever.


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