Mysterious Story

What kind of year 2022 would be

Hi, guys. It’s Miko, a diviner.

Do you have any idea that you would like to spend this year 2022?

At the beginning of 2022, I prayed to God, and I received a message that
“What kind of year 2022 would be.”
I would like to share it.

2022 would be
“Everybody would sway from side to side, but would be going up.”

It means not going up straight, since you would sway.
Maybe, as your feeling, you would be swayed like
“This way? That way? Which one is better for me?”
Moreover as matters, it will not go straight ahead.

But you would be able to go up steadily little by little.

This year would become a year like this.

※The following is supplement from me.

I suppose that He would like to suggest is not “progress” but “going up.”
It means you might not go straight for your goal that you imagine now.

But what He suggest is “would sway but go up,” it means everybody and everything would be better.
He also suggest “swaying” especially, it means “If your feeling would be wavered, or you would feel that you will not be able to progress, itself will be OK,” I thought.

I hope everybody have happiness time more than ever(*^^*)

I wish your everyday life gets brighter than ever.


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