Four Pillers of Destiny

What kind of divination The Four Pillars of Destiny is?

Hi guys. It’s Miko.

Do you know the divination named “The Four Pillars of Destiny?”
It’s a divination what uses one’s birthday and birth time, like Western astrology. Though there are many variations of The Four Pillars of Destiny, all of them use the theory of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements.

The theory of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements is also used in Chinese herbal medicine. Roughly speaking, the theory is a philosophy that everything can be divided as two sides — Yin and Yang — and that everything can also be categorized as an element of nature: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water.

The same kind of theory also existed in Europe from the Ancient Greeks. It was a prototype for science. In Europe, they categorized elements of nature into Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth. They also thought there was something like Spirit that connected the four elements.

Both Western and Eastern ways of understanding the world are unscientific. But in some parts, they are true, I think, because I’ve taken Chinese herbal medicine, and when it is chosen the right way, it works very well.

So I don’t think the world is created with only five elements, but that everything belongs to the category of Water (or others) is possibly true.
I feel the same things during sessions.

From a client’s birthday and birth time, I make the line of eight Kanji (which is like a horoscope), and the line shows us the balance of the five elements.
My school of thought gives greater importance to the balance of them. It means that we have to consider which is the most powerful among the five elements and how should we control them to harmonize them.

From the line of Kanji and the balance of five elements, I read many things. For example, the overall direction of your life, your character, the good timing of life events, and one’s compatibility with someone.

The line of eight Kanji has 561,600 patterns, so if two people were born on the same day, the difference of their birth time gives the differences of their lives, characters, and talent, and so on.

Through this divination, we can’t know what would happen, but what kind of things would happen would be clarified.

I think this divination is good for people who want to live their lives actively. Since there is some ways to control the balance of five elements, even though the flow of luck would not good, if we use the knowledge of this divination, we can change it to a good period anytime.

The ways to change the balance would sometimes need clients’ efforts, but we can know the best direction of efforts through The Four Pillars of Destiny.

I wish your everyday life gets brighter than ever.


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