Free Divination is released

Hi guys. It’s Miko.

Today, I’ve released “Free Divination of Sinsō Card.”

Free Divination of Sinsō Card – Mikoblog (

I made this free divination to let this Kanji tarot deck be known by a lot of people.
I would be glad if you use this divination as a tool to catch messages for daily life.

My friend who enjoyed it said, “It’s like playing but it made me cheerful. It’ great!!”

One year ago, I dreamed to make this free divination to let it be known by people all over the world. Because I felt this Kanji tarot deck teaches us a lot of precious essences of life.
The messages of this deck is coming from the knowledge and philosophy of ancient people in China. Their knowledge and philosophy are forgotten by today’s us, but still they can help us to live our today’s lives.

I also introduced this Kanji tarot deck in this entry.
What is Sinsō Card? – Mikoblog (

I hope that you will enjoy this free divination, and be cheerful to live your daily life.

I wish your everyday life gets brighter than ever.


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