Mysterious Story

The story of the light that came to pick up my mother

Hi guys, it’s Miko.

At the age of 24, I was with my mother when she left us. I’d like to write about the light that I saw and the hometown of our souls.

She was fighting against cancer, and my family stayed at a hospital in shifts for the last few weeks before she left us. She left us on my watch.

On that day, she was different from how she had been in the daytime. Every time I massaged her, she would get back her body heat, but on that day, even though I massaged her a lot, she never got warmer. She was living but had already gone cold.

At around midnight, I was awakened by a nurse, who told me that my mother didn’t have much time left. As my mother was about to leave, I held her hand. I didn’t know how long she would be able to live, so all I could do was just hold her hand and cheer for her.

While I was cheering for her, a big light had come. It had been floating as though watching down on us above her feet. I was watching her face, so I didn’t see the light through my eyes, but it was certainly there, and I sensed it.

After a short time, a little light appeared between her eyebrows, and the little light popped out and entered the big one.

The light that came out from her dove into the big light with joy, and the big light accepted it gently. I realized, “Mom has left us.” at this moment.

After the moment passed, even though she was still breathing, I knew that she had gone. Therefore, I was very calm when her doctor told me of her death. I really appreciated him and the nurses.

After that, the big one was floating around us. When my family came, and we left the room, it came with us.

I was seeing but not watching it. Maybe because I was in an extreme state of awe, I accepted what I was seeing and didn’t feel any fear at all.

While I was seeing it, I was taught the nature of our souls.

The big light was something like a vehicle of souls, and it takes souls on to the world of greater light. Maybe that light is the hometown of our souls.

Our souls spend time communing at the greater light for a while, and come out from it as a light of a new soul and enter a new body.

What I write below is just my opinion, but the greater light may be heaven or the universe. It is the place where we return.

A little light doesn’t come out as exactly the same light. One light holds a little of you, me, and someone else. It means you are you, me, this person, and that one. We are all included in everyone.  

If you hit someone, it is the same as hitting yourself. If you cherish someone, it is the same as cherishing yourself.

There are no lives that are not necessary: all of us human beings are precious and adorable in our existence. We need to love each other. Loving another person is the same as loving yourself.

The experience of witnessing my mother leave us on my watch and the insight I received about the nature of our souls have changed my whole attitude on life.

I wish your everyday life gets brighter than ever.


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